• Woman display their quilting expertise
  • Group enjoying the entertainment
  • Woman creating a Valentine's Day card
  • Group of seniors participating in a raffle drawing
  • Group of seniors playing charades
  • Woman shows us her quilting skills
  • Group of seniors enjoy the entertainment
  • Group enjoying the entertainment
  • Woman working on a woodcarving project
  • Group of women enjoying the entertainment
  • Couple pose for photo
  • Woman display their crochet projects
  • Group of people participate in the day's events
  • Group of women enjoy the entertainment
  • Group participate in a woodcarving demonstration
  • Woman collecting chocolates
  • Group of women pose for photo
  • Man dancing
  • Man playing the drums
  • Group of seniors dancing
  • Men pose for a photo
  • Man shows off his free raffle ticket
  • Group of seniors enjoying the event
  • Woman and baby enjoying the entertainment

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