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Fontana Walks Registration Form - Pets

  1. 1. I, on behalf of my pet(s), hereby waive in advance any and all actions or causes of action and claims for injury or property damage which I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me, my heirs or other successors as a result of my participation in any activity, or activities incidental thereto, (hereinafter referred to as the "activity") sponsored by the City of Fontana. This is intended to release and hold harmless the City of Fontana and it's elected officials, officers, employees, contractors and agents.

    I understand that we must be in good health prior to participating in the activity. I understand that serious accidents occasionally occur to participants during such an activity, transportation to or from such an activity, and during activities incidental to such an activity. Knowing these risks, I expressly assume those risks and agree that under no circumstances will I, or any of my heirs or successors present any claim or action against the City of Fontana.

    I also agree to be photographed and or filmed, and or agree to have my pet(s) photographed and or filmed, and release the use of the photographs and or footage for publicity in City of Fontana publications and other public information materials.

    By registering, I agree to opt in to receive the City of Fontana's news and events from Fontana Connect Alerts and may opt out anytime.

    I hereby represent that I understand and am familiar with the nature of the activities in which I (or my pet) will participate in this recreation program. I personally read and understand this release.

    2. Agree to terms of Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk*

  2. Agree to terms of Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk*
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