What are the Fees?
  • Half Marathon individual $50 
  • 5K Run $40
  • 5K Racewalk $40
  • Family Fitness Walk $30
  • Children's Dash $15

* Minus $5 per person if on a team. Four person minimum per team and must be in the same category

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1. What are the Fees?
2. How many people can I have on a team?
3. How can I register?
4. What is a Racewalk?
5. Can I pick up someone else's bib?
6. What are the age divisions?
7. Can someone under the age of 11 register in the 5K Run, 5K Racewalk or Half-Marathon Run?
8. Can I walk and run the Half Marathon course?
9. I am new to running and would walk during the 5K, which race should i register for the Family Fitness Walk or the Racewalk?
10. Where and when is packet pick up?
11. Can I transfer my bib to someone else if I cant participate?
12. Do I have to ride the bus to the starting line?
13. How many water stations do you have?
14. Are there any restroom on the course?
15. What if it rains?
16. Are there any refunds for registration fees?
17. How do I get my clothing from the Start Line to the Finish Line?
18. What if I show up a little late, will I still be able to get my race packet?
19. How do I get there?
20. Where do I park?