General Plan

An Introduction to the City's General Plan

On October 21, 2003, the City of Fontana adopted its most recent General Plan, which can be thought of as the City’s constitution or long-range blueprint for its physical development. The State of California mandates that every city and county adopt a general plan. The General Plan details the community’s vision by identifying goals and objectives over the next 10 to 20 years.

Vision Statement

The community’s vision statement serves as a guide for the plan and its implementation. Based on the vision, proposals and initiatives can be analyzed to determine if they are in accordance with the long-range future potential of the City, and thus, beneficial to the community.

Mandated Elements

Aside from the vision statement, all general plans must incorporate seven elements mandated by the State (Section 65302 of the State Government Code). These elements include:

  • Land Use
  • Circulation
  • Housing
  • Open Space
  • Conservation
  • Safety
  • Noise

Additional elements are optional and may be included in the plan per State law.

Optional Elements

The City of Fontana has adopted the following optional elements:

  • Community Design
  • Economic Development
  • Public Facilities
  • Services and Infrastructure
  • Parks, Recreation, and Trails
  • Air Quality

The General Plan is the guiding document that provides residents, elected officials, business owners, and other stakeholders with direction on how to meet the needs of a growing city and provides a greater quality of life for its current and future residents. All of this can be accomplished by carrying out the policies within the plan.