Southwest Industrial Park

Southwest Industrial Park Redevelopment Project (SWIP)

The Southwest Industrial Park (“SWIP”) Redevelopment Project was originally adopted in 1977, and subsequently amended nine times. Amendment Nos. 1 through 5 added territory to the Project Area by adoption of Ordinance Nos. 628, 653, 770, 790, and 1056 between 1979 and 1992. Amendment No. 6 modified time limits to conform with AB 1290, as codified in Section 33333.6 of the CCRL, by adoption of Ordinance No. 1140 on November 15, 1994. Amendment No. 7, adopted on December 21, 2004 by Ordinance No. 1467, extended the effectiveness of the redevelopment plan and time limit to receive tax increment by one year pursuant to SB 1045. Amendment No. 8, adopted on June 26 2007 by Ordinance No. 1556, adopted an eminent domain program pursuant to SB 53. Amendment No. 9, adopted on June 23, 2010 by Ordinance 1619, expanded the boundaries of the existing Southwest Industrial Park Project Area by approximately 1,101 acres and provided a new Amended and Restated Redevelopment Plan (“Amended Plan”).  The new Amended and Restated Plan modified the existing Redevelopment Plan (“Existing Plan”) for the SWIP Project Area to be consistent with current law and practices. The Amended Plan did not change time or financial limitations associated with the Existing Amendment Areas 1 through 5. The SWIP Redevelopment Project totals approximately 3,427 acres of land primarily designated for industrial and light manufacturing uses.  Most of this land lies in the southwest part of the City south of the Interstate 10.

Project Plan
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