Downtown Redevelopment Project
The Downtown Redevelopment Project was originally adopted in 1975 and subsequently amended on five separate occasions. The Downtown Project includes several commercial corridors along noncontiguous portions of Sierra Avenue, Valley Boulevard, and Foothill Boulevard.

The Fifth Amendment was adopted on November 15, 1994, to bring the Downtown Redevelopment Plan in conformity with the requirements of AB 1290. The Downtown Project totals approximately 389 acres. 

Downtown Revitalization Suggestion Form
In 2000, the City embarked on the monumental task of identifying the path to revitalization of the downtown area. As always, suggestions from the citizens of Fontana are welcome. Please feel free to share your suggestions.

Project Plan

Follow the links below to view information about the project plan:

Note: The complete plan is extremely large, and it is recommended that you have a DSL connection in order to download the document.

Map of the downtown project area along Sierra Avenue