The Planning Department provides planning and staff support to the Planning Commission and assists the City Council and the public in applying the community's strategic growth and development vision as defined through the General Plan. Below is a list of services offered by our department.

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Online portal apply for permits, projects, pay fees, schedule inspections


Online Submittal and Payment:

  • Upload digital documents here (For New Applications - For Resubmittals, a separate link will be provided to the applicant by the project planner) - you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Land Use Applications

The Planning Division is the principle office responsible for processing land use applications such as Conditional Use Permits, Design Review Permits, Tentative Tract/Parcel Maps, Temporary Use Permits, Sign Permits, and Home Occupation Permits. The Division is also a necessary step in the business license application process.

Development, Modification & Upgrade Requirements

All new developments or modifications/upgrades to existing commercial, industrial, or residential structures must be reviewed for conformance to the Development Code, any applicable Specific or Community Plan, and the City’s General Plan before any construction may begin.

The link below will help you get started with your proposed developments or modifications/upgrades.

For property zoning information please click here.