What's New? What's Next?

Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Objectives 
The Redevelopment Agency's 2010-2011 objectives are to:
  • Meet all legal and contractual obligations related to Agency activities
  • Monitor implementation of the Ten-Ninety Facilitation Agreement and process quarterly statement of development costs within the time period allowed
  • Continue to promptly and professionally evaluate redevelopment proposals throughout the various project areas
  • Complete the design stage of Phase 3 of the Downtown Fa├žade Rehabilitation Program on Sierra Avenue
  • Continue to support the efforts of the Fontana Downtown Businesses and  envision new ideas and solutions for the downtown shopping and residential areas 

Low- & Moderate-Income Housing
The Redevelopment Agency also plans to continue the administration of financial resources available through the Federal HOME program. These funds will again be targeted for utilization in conjunction with identified Multi-Family (apartment) Revitalization Projects.