Development Services

Development Services Organization

The Development Services Organization (DSO) is in charge of ensuring that the growth, development, and redevelopment of the community are commensurate with the goals and objectives of the City Council and the General Plan.

The following are the departments of the Development Services Organization:

Administration Responsibilities

The Administration Section oversees the departments/divisions of the Development Services Organization and is responsible for the coordinated effort of improving the quality of life through development activities that provide economic viability and enhanced aesthetics in conjunction with Fontana City Council’s adopted goals and objectives.

The Development Services Organization’s Administration Section provides general overall direction, leadership, policy guidelines, administration, budget, and accounting functions for the Organization. Administration also provides support functions for the Organization such as:

  • Supports policy decisions
  • Manages all level personnel supervision
  • Supervises and supports clerical responsibilities
  • Regulates and tracks development projects
  • Coordinates with other City Departments
  • Provides program-level supervision of the development projects within the Organization