Goals & Objectives

Vision Statement

Fontana is a dynamic, thriving community that supports education, growth, safety, and a positive community fabric. Our community is creating the opportunities that encourage social and economic investment.

To Create A Team

  • Work together to provide stability and consistent policy direction
  • Communicate goals and objectives to all sectors of the community
  • Support the decisions of the majority once made
  • Ensure commissions work within clear guidelines to achieve Council's goals

To Operate In A Business Manner

  • Become more service oriented
  • Improve services through the effective use of technology
  • Ensure that the public debate is based on accurate information
  • Emphasize staff training and development
  • Correct problems immediately

To Practice Sound Fiscal Management

  • Produce timely and accurate financial information
  • Emphasize capital formation
  • Live within our means while investing in the future
  • Fully fund liabilities and reserves
  • Develop long-term funding and debt management plans

To Promote Economic Development

  • Concentrate on Job Creation
  • Pursue business retention, expansion and attraction
  • Establish a Quick, Consistent Development Process
  • Be business friendly at all levels of operation
  • Strive to constantly improve the City's competitiveness
  • Aggressively pursue annexations

To Improve Public Safety

  • Increase operational efficiency, visibility, and availability
  • Emphasize community-oriented policing and community involvement
  • Utilize other City programs to help reduce crime
  • Combat gang and drug activity
  • Maximize fire and emergency medical service resources
  • Minimize community impact from disaster events with emergency and disaster preparedness and community awareness

To Invest in The City's Infrastructure

  • Maintain and improve the City's existing infrastructure
  • Provide for the development of new infrastructure
  • Improve the aesthetics of the community
  • Focus on relief of traffic congestion
  • Create and promote community through people, parks and programs.

To Concentrate on Intergovernmental Relations

  • Work cooperatively with neighboring jurisdictions
  • Establish partnerships with other public agencies providing services to residents
  • Pursue financial participation from County, State, and federal governments
  • Advocate Fontana's position in regional and State organizations

To Increase Citizen Involvement

  • Seek community input
  • Inform the public about issues, programs, and accomplishments
  • Develop future leaders
  • Utilize technology to promote communication and linkages in the community
  • Promote healthy lifestyle opportunities to Fontana residents of all ages

To Promote Affordable Housing

  • Construct high-quality multi-family housing which also serves to address the affordability needs of this community
  • Acquisition, substantial rehabilitation, and professional management of selected multi-family properties as a vehicle to reduce crime and code enforcement activity and to address the affordability needs of this community

To Preserve the Local Environment for Generations to Come and to Create a Healthy Economic & Environmental Future

  • Commit to conservation and efficiency in City buildings and equipment
  • Reduce water use in City operations and in the community
  • Outreach to businesses and residents to promote energy efficiency in the community
  • Enhance existing waste reduction and recycling activities
  • Commit to purchasing specific products and goods that are climate-friendly
  • Create communities and neighborhoods that are attractive, safe and convenient for walkers and bicyclists.
  • Implement sustainable landscaping and the use of recycled water
  • Promote compact and efficient development in new and existing communities
  • Promote an environment that encourages healthy eating, regular physical activity and responsible individual choices
  • Promote programs that encourage reducing Green House gas emissions
  • Adopt policies that will attract new green business technologies to Fontana