Guidelines & Fees

Key Deposit
24' x 32'
18' x 32'
12' x 32'
ADA Plots


  • Participants must be residents of the City of Fontana. Proof of residency is required at time of application.
  • Waiting list participants will be contacted either by phone or mail when a garden plot becomes available. Once the City has initiated contact, participants will have one week to decide if they would like to lease a garden plot. After one week has expired, the next participant on the waiting list will be contacted.
  • Contacts for current participants or waiting list members with incorrect addresses or phone numbers will be considered unavailable.
  • There is a limit of one garden plot per household. Schools, group homes, or other nonprofit agencies are limited to two plots based on availability.
  • A key deposit will be refunded only after the key has been returned to the Facilities Coordinator. Failure to return the assigned key will result in loss of the key deposit.
  • Fees are paid annually on or before March 16 of each year. Failure to pay the annual fee by March 16 will result in the garden plot being leased to another participant.