Emergency Response Services


The Fontana Fire District responds to all types of fires, including structure fires, vegetation fires, those involving vehicles or aircraft, and investigation of miscellaneous fires or open burning activities.

Medical Aids
These account for most of the Fire Districts responses, from trauma or accident patients to cardiac or stroke patients, and all other types of injuries or medical conditions.

Hazardous Materials
The Fire District investigates and mitigates all types of hazardous materials spills, exposures, and releases, and will investigate unknown types of materials to protect citizens and the environment.

Many situations such as swift water, steep terrain, vehicle collisions, confined spaces, and structural collapses require specialized knowledge and equipment to perform a rescue an incident.

Public Assist
This includes many types of minor emergencies, such as children locked in cars, broken water lines, electrical hazards, or anything necessary to protect the safety of the citizens of the community.

Other Responses
Acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other such things are examples of incidents that the Fire Departments all-risk approach to fulfilling its duty, carrying this out with honor, and protecting the community at all times.

Additional Information
For more information, please visit About the Fontana Fire District.