Abandoned Vehicles

72 Hour Regulation
California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22651(k) allows for citation and impound of any vehicle left parked or standing upon a public road for 72 or more consecutive hours.

Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned vehicles may be removed under the above mentioned state law. Vehicles reported will generally be marked and left tagged for the required 72 hours prior to receiving a citation or removal.

How to Spot an Abandoned Vehicle
The following are some signs of an abandoned vehicle: 
  • Cobwebs extending to the roadway
  • Dirt and debris gathered under the vehicle
  • Vandalization 

Reporting a Vehicle
When calling in to report a vehicle, please have the following ready: 
  • Exact location of vehicle (address or nearest cross streets)
  • License plate number (if available)
  • Vehicle description (make, model, color)

To report a vehicle online, please fill out and submit our Online Form. To report by phone, please call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline Voicemail Box at (909) 356-7138.