Program History & Response

Program History
In 2003, the Fontana Police Department implemented a formalized Mentoring Program within the Department as a part of its 2000 Strategic Plan. The Mentoring Program was developed to allow newly-hired employees, both sworn and non-sworn, a smoother transition into the Department as well as a greater understanding of the organization’s culture and history.

New employees are also afforded the opportunity to enhance their work skills and identify future career goals while the Department experiences increased employee retention along with increased job satisfaction and loyalty.

Since its inception, the overall response to the Mentoring Program has been overwhelmingly positive. Both mentors and protégés completing the mentoring cycle have completed exit surveys and the overall feelings of the program are that it provides a beneficial service to both the mentors and protégés involved as well as the Department and the community that it serves.

Additional Information
For more information about the Mentoring Program, please email Sergeant Matt Kraut.