Removal of Vehicle from Private Property

California Vehicle Code 22658
According to California Vehicle Code (CVC) 22658, the removal of a vehicle from private property requires the following:
  • Removal must be authorized only by the person in lawful control of the property (landowner, renter, lessee) per CVC 22658(a)
  • Proper signs must be posted (multiple dwellings) per CVC 22658(a)
  • No posted signs are required for single-family residences
  • Notification to the Fontana Police Department at (909) 350-7700 within one hour of authorizing tow. Notification must be made by the person in lawful control of the property per CVC 22658(f)
  • Removal to the nearest public garage within a 10-mile radius per CVC 22658(n)
  • Notification by tow truck operator in writing to the owner of the vehicle per CVC 22658(b), Notification must include the location of the facility to which the vehicle was moved
  • If the owner of the vehicle is not known or ownership cannot be determined through Department of Motor Vehicles records, the tow truck operator is responsible, as required by CVC 22853(c), for notifying the Department of Justice within 48 hours at:
    Department of Justice
    Stolen Vehicle System
    P.O. Box 903417
    Sacramento, CA 94203-4170

Responsibility for and limitations of liability as to damage sustained by vehicles removed from private property are clearly defined within the California Vehicle Code Section 22658.

Notification requirements are set forth in California Vehicle Code Sections 22658 and 22853(c).

In the event of any questions, please refer to the vehicle code sections provided or call the Fontana Police Department at (909) 350-7618 for clarification.