Parking of Oversized / Non-Motorized Vehicles

The Fontana Police Department shall issue a temporary parking permit free of charge for an oversized vehicle to any resident of the City for parking an oversized vehicle that belongs to that resident, or a bona fide guest of the resident, as long as the following conditions are met:
  • The oversized vehicle is parked on the street contiguous with the residence of the person requesting the permit (on the same side of the street and in front of the residence, or - if a corner lot - on the side of residence, or on the side of the residence if on a corner lot).
  • The duration of the permit shall not exceed 72 hours (permits do not have to be for the full 72 hours, that is simply the maximum amount of time allowed per permit).
  • No more than six permits shall be issued to the resident or residents inhabiting a single dwelling or to any specific oversized vehicle within any given calendar month. Permits may not be issued for consecutive periods. There must be a minimum of 48 consecutive hours between the issuance of permits for a resident or residents of a specific location or a specific oversized vehicle.
  • The vehicle shall not be used for overnight camping, lodging, or residing in or using for accommodation purposes.
  • The vehicle does not visibly block or obscure any existing traffic control devices.
  • The Fontana Police Department has not determined that oversized vehicle parking on the street adjoining the residence of the person requesting the permit would create a public safety hazard.
  • Semi trucks and tractor trailers may not be issued a permit under this ordinance.