Program Information

Enhancing Safety & Quality of Life
The City of Fontana has embarked on a major program to enhance the quality and safety of life within the City and surrounding area. The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is an ambitious seven- to 10-year program that addresses high-priority improvements, as designated by the Fontana City Council.

Recognizing that the existing transportation and utility infrastructure has not kept up with development projects in the City or with the overall population explosion in the Inland Empire in general (which translates into traffic congestion), the City has commenced a major capital improvements program.

Capital Improvements
These improvements include the design, construction, improvement, and/or reconstruction of:
  • Arterial roadways
  • Freeway grade separations
  • Freeway interchanges / crossings
  • Railroad grade separations
  • Sewers
  • Similar works with public improvement projects
  • Storm drain facilities

The program includes projects that will require the services of design consultants and numerous contractors, and external coordination with a number of agencies. The City has several Program Managers to oversee design, development, and implementation of these capital improvement projects.