Art Depot Gallery

About the Art Depot Gallery

The Art Depot Gallery was originally built as a freight train depot in 1915 and now resides alongside the newly landscaped Pacific Electric Trail in the Helen Putman Historical Plaza.

The Art Depot Gallery is an ideal venue for artists showcases, meetings, receptions and much more! For more information on renting the gallery contact (909) 349-6975.

Register for classes online. For more information about classes please contact (909) 349-6900 (English) or (909) 349-6901 (Spanish).

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  1. Gallery Exhibits
  2. Imagination Studio
  3. Pajama Paint Night
  4. Make & Create
  5. Tween Paint Night

Kameylta Noor

The Art Depot Staff is always looking for artists interested in showcasing their work. If you would like to be part of the thriving arts scene in Fontana, fill out and return the Artist Application (PDF). Additionally, there are four different galleries available for artists to exhibit their artwork including:

Leanne Huynh
September 4, - October 26, 2018
Digital Illustration
Steelworker's Auditorium
Kamelyta Noor
September 4, - October 26, 2018
Senior Center
Shelley Heffler
September 4, - 28, 2018
Art Depot Gallery