Buses, Subways & Elevators

Tips for Buses & Subways

  • Try to use well-lit and frequently used stops.
  • Try to sit near the bus driver. Take a seat in the subway car near the conductor.
  • Don't fall asleep. Stay alert!
  • In the subway, stand back from the platform edge. Avoid sitting near the exit door. An attacker can reach in and grab a purse or jewelry as the train pulls away.
  • While waiting, stand with other people or near the token or information booth.
  • If you are verbally or physically harassed, attract attention by talking loudly or screaming.
  • Be alert to who gets off the bus or subway with you. If you feel uncomfortable, walk directly to a place where there are other people.

Tips for Elevators

  • Look in the elevator before getting in to be sure no one is hiding.
  • Stand near the controls.
  • Get off if someone suspicious enters. If you're worried about someone who is waiting for the elevator with you, pretend you forgot something and don't get on.
  • If you're attacked, hit the alarm and as many floor buttons as possible.

Additional Tips

For more tips, please contact:
The National Crime Prevention Council
The Woodward Building
733 15th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20005