Minimizing False Alarms

What You Can Do
  • Review alarm activation / deactivation procedures with employees and/or family members
  • Install reliable alarm equipment and make sure it is properly serviced and maintained
  • When a false alarm occurs, identify the cause:
    • Door or window left open / unsecured
    • Air conditioner or heater, moving blinds, doors, etc
    • Janitor / cleaning crew
    • Alarm not set correctly

Facts About False Alarms
  • About 65% are caused by human error (forgetting to shut off the system, entering through a wrong door, accidental activation of panic button)
  • False alarms increase unnecessary safety risks to emergency personnel, motorists, and others as the police try to respond quickly to the alarm

Additional Information
If you have any questions regarding our Verified Response policy, please email Captain Mike Stark or call (909) 350-7715.