Fontana's Future

Continued Success of Fontana

Confident in the continual expansion of prosperity in Fontana, City leaders foresee bright prospects for the City’s future over the next 20 years as Fontana and the Inland Empire approach build-out.

The City has already embarked upon several dynamic projects and programs that will set the course for the continued successful development of the City:

  • Valley Boulevard Transition District (VBTD) - An overlay zone which will help improve the Valley Boulevard commercial corridor by providing incentives for businesses and land uses to transition to legal, conforming uses and standards over time, while becoming more attractive and remaining economically successful at the same time.
  • Southwest Industrial Park Specific Plan (SWIP) Update - An update of the existing specific plan, which will address many of the issues associated with existing developments located within that portion of Fontana and encourage new development. This update will also promote economic development and provide opportunities for existing property owners and new developments.
  • The Interstate 10 Freeway Interchange Construction Projects - Construction of freeway interchanges along Cherry Avenue, Citrus Avenue, Beech Avenue, and Cypress Avenue. These are long-term projects but that are currently underway.
  • The Campus Parking Project - A redesign and expansion of the City Hall campus, which will provide increased parking and improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation for residents in and around the City’s Civic Center and the Lewis Library and Technology Center.
  • Central Park - A proposed park in the City’s core, which will expand recreational opportunities for residents in the central part of the City. Though only in early planning stages now, the new Central Park will be approximately 20 acres in size.

With the implementation of these projects and programs, the City is well on its way to establishing Fontana as the most desirable location in the Inland Empire…and beyond!

Interchange Project
Fontana Park

Interstate 10 Interchange Project

Fontana Park