Emergency Communications Services (ECS)

About ECS
Fontana ECS, a volunteer group within the Emergency Services Unit of the Police Department, has assisted the public for many years in emergencies. The ECS keeps their radio skills sharp by providing communications for various civil and community events. These events are sanctioned by the City of Fontana as training activities.

The key word here is emergency! An emergency is defined as a sudden, unexpected occurrence of a serious nature that demands immediate action. The news media floods us with information about toxic spills, earthquakes, forest fires, searches for lost persons, and more on a daily basis. Often, these situations are reported by private radio operators, thereby insuring a quick emergency response and, in many cases, preserving life and property.

Seldom do emergencies happen at convenient times and places. When they do, it is sometimes in areas where normal police or fire communications are not sufficient. At times like these, there is a group of dedicated civilians that come to their aid by providing a communications network that has proved itself over and over again. 

Volunteers & Membership
For information, please visit Volunteers and Membership.

Upcoming Classes
Ham Radio Flyer 

Additional Information
For more information about becoming a Fontana ECS Volunteer, please email Sergeant Goltara.