Central City Park

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Park Features

  • Two synthetic turf football fields with soccer overlays
  • One synthetic turf soccer-only field
  • Sports lighting for nighttime play
  • New horseshoe pits
  • ADA accessible playground
  • Concessions, storage and restroom buildings
  • 0.75-acre community garden
  • Connection to the Pacific Electric Trail
  • Parking lots totaling 340 stalls

Park Rules & Regulations

Residents are encouraged to experience the new park while complying with all COVID-19 health guidelines.    


Additional Info:

The three sports fields, one soccer field and two football fields with soccer

overlays, will be available for reservations by contacting Fontana’s

Community Services Department Athletic Fields Division at (909) 349-6971.

These high-quality fields will be a wonderful resource for community

members to be involved in team sports, increasing community health and

personal enrichment experiences. Equipped with sports lighting fixtures

for nighttime play and mister stations to beat the heat, the fields are

designed for use throughout the year.