Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) Traffic Signal

The existing traffic signal at Baseline and McGuire Avenues will be modified on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 to include the City of Fontana's first-ever flashing yellow arrow (FYA). 

FYA signals operate slightly different than standard green left-turn arrows. In addition to the protected green left-turn arrow, the flashing yellow arrow allows motorists to make left-turns after yielding to oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists, then proceeding when safe to make the turn.

Flashing yellow arrow signals reduce delay and increases the efficiency of traffic flow by allowing more opportunities for motorists to make left turns.

With a FYA signal, motorists will see:

Flashing Yellow Arrow

Solid Red Arrow: Drivers intending to turn must stop. Do not enter an intersection when the red arrow is being displayed.

Solid Yellow Arrow: Drivers should not enter an intersection when the yellow arrow is being displayed because the signal is about to change to red.

Flashing Yellow Arrow: Drivers can make a left turn but they don’t have the right of way. Drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and any pedestrians within the crosswalk. Drivers must wait for a safe gap in oncoming traffic before proceeding.

Solid Green Arrow: Left turning drivers have the right of way. Oncoming traffic has a red light.