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COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program


The County of San Bernardino is committed to rebuilding and sustaining a high quality of life for its residents and businesses.

To support our local small businesses and help ensure ongoing compliance with State and County Health orders and direction, San Bernardino County is implementing the COVID Compliant Business Partnership Program.

This program has two components.

  1. Funding of $2,500 for eligible Small Businesses with 1-100 employees
  2. Support and Partnership for ALL eligible County businesses who wish to become a COVID Compliant Business Partner

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Businesses that meet small business requirements will:

  • Collect up to $2,500 in funding from the County of San Bernardino to offset costs and impacts directly related to complying with COVID protocols for business

All eligible businesses that participate will:

  • Once it has been determined that a company is a COVID-Compliant Business Partner, they will be issued a “This Business Partner is COVID Compliant” window graphic to recognize the business for its commitment to public health and safety. This acknowledgement is encouraged to be prominently displayed for public view at the business location
  • Gain exclusive access to receive PPE directly from the County at County cost