Stay Active

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As our daily lives are filled with more indoor time, there are many ways to stay healthy and active. For more information about healthy living lifestyles please visit:

Indoor Activities

Here are a few ideas for staying active indoors (Disclaimer:Individuals should consult their physician before starting any exercise program or changing their diet to limit risks of injury).

  1. For All Ages
  2. For Kids

Outdoor Activities

Did you know that the current Shelter in Place order allows for individuals to engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with the Social Distancing Requirements (standing six feet apart from others and wearing a face covering when around crowds).

  1. For All Ages
  2. For Kids
  • Walk/run around your neighborhood and say hi (from a distance) to all of your neighbors who are getting outside too.
  • Go for a drive.
  • Go for a bike ride on one of the Pacific Electric Trail.
  • Do some gardening or landscaping

Mental Health Resources

  1. Resources
  2. Socio-Emotional Learning Exercises