Employee Benefits

The City of Fontana has a flexible benefits plan. This plan allows for employees to select benefits based upon their individual needs. The City will contribute up to the dollar amount listed below for employee and dependent coverage. Full-time and Classified Part-time employees are eligible for benefits.

Monthly Allotments
*City benefit allotments are based upon bargaining unit MOU's/Contracts and adjust annually.
Regular Classified Part-Time (RCP)  $279.18 or up to $842.59
City Hall/Yard/PBA $558.35 or up to $1,685.18
Executives $1,020.58 or up to $2,214.33
Police Officers Association (Sworn) $601.00 or up to $1,685.18
Management Confidential $776.70 or up to $1,685.18
Police Management Association $776.70 or up to individually calculated
Core Benefit Options  
 Health Insurance Dental Insurance
 Anthem Blue Cross  Anthem Dental PPO
      Premier HMO $20 Copay       High Plan
      Classic HMO $15 Copay       Low Plan
      PPO  Life Insurance
 Kaiser Permanente  The Hartford
      $10 Copay  PORAC (Sworn Officers)
      $20 Copay  Short/Long Term Disability
   PORAC Long Term (Sworn Positions)
Voluntary Benefits  
 Additional Life, Spouse Life & Dependent Life Insurance
 The Hartford

 Vision Insurance

Flexible Spending Accounts

 Anthem Blue View Vision Payflex Dependent Care
  Payflex Medical Reimbursement

Deferred Compensation
The City of Fontana offers optional participation for employees to contribute into a 457(b) Deferred Compensation Account. These contributions are on a pre-tax basis and are restricted to the annual contribution limits as set by the IRS.

Companies are:
              • ICMA-RC            • Lincoln Financial Group          • Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Leave Benefits
Employees accrue leave time each pay period according to their MOU's/Contracts. This leave time includes personal, sick, and vacation.
Observed Holidays
The City observes 11 Holidays listed below. In addition employees receive (3) Floating Holidays.
             • New Year's Day             • Veteran's Day
             • Martin Luther King's Birthday             • Thanksgiving
             • President's Day             • Day after Thanksgiving
             • Memorial Day             • Christmas Eve
             • Independence Day             • Christmas Day
             • Labor Day  

The City of Fontana participates in the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). Currently there are 3 tiers under each of the two categories below:

             Entry Date             Retirement Formula Employee Contribution Amount
Member hired before 7/1/11  2.5% @ 55 8%
*Member hired before 1/1/13  2% @ 55 7%
*Member hired after 1/1/13 2% @ 62  5.75% (adjusts)
 Entry Date Retirement Formula Employee Contribution Amount
Member hired before 7/1/11  3% @ 50 9%
*Member hired before 1/1/13  3% @ 55 9%
*Member hired after 1/1/13 2.7% @ 57 10.75% (adjusts)
*Based on 3 year average for final compensation.