Ready Fontana - Emergency Preparedness

Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. People prepare because they care, and they want the people and things they care about to be safe during an emergency or disaster. The City of Fontana cares and wants to ensure those who live, work, or play in Fontana are ready for threats and hazards that may affect the city.

  1. LISTOS Preparedness Training
  2. Smoke Alarms
  3. Power Outages
  4. Coronavirus
  5. ShakeOut
  6. National Preparedness Month
  7. Heatwave


Get prepared with the free emergency and disaster preparedness course, LISTOS.

May 17 and 18, 2021
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
This course is presented in English.
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The LISTOS program, focused on bringing emergency preparedness resources to residents, is comprised of a series of discussions which:

  • Are organized by community members for the benefit of their own community
  • Present the basic ideas for preparation in a series of consecutive discussions
  • Empower participants to educate their own personal contacts

The upcoming training will focus on:

  • Identifying Hazards and Risk
  • Communication Plan
  • Family Reunification Plan
  • Utility Shut Off
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Supplies
  • First Aid
  • Home Organization
  • Emotional Support


Through the City of Fontana’s Emergency Management Program, ReadyFontana provides information, training, and community-wide outreach to residents, businesses, visitors and community organizations to equip themselves and others in the event of a disaster or emergency. Additionally, the program makes sure the City of Fontana’s departments have sufficient plans, training, and equipment to respond to all hazards.Ready Fontana

Anyone who wants to be better prepared can do three things:

  1. Be Informed! Know how public officials will alert you during an emergency and sign up for that service. Also, learn what threats and hazards you face in your community and prepare.
  2. Plan Ahead! Develop a plan for your family or business using the Ready SB County App. Consider how you will communicate, evacuate and re-unify during a disaster. Take into account any specific needs you or those in your family may have. Develop a kit for yourself and those in your home or business. Learn how to build a kit here
  3. Take Action! Use the knowledge you have gained to encourage others to prepare. Take a free preparedness course like Until Help Arrives or Fontana CERT.

In addition, the ReadyFontana Guide is designed to give you the tools necessary to effectively mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from the hazards most specific to our community. It also provides vital information and tasks to do after a fire, flood, windstorm, and earthquake.

Be Ready

It’s crucial to be prepared before, during and after an emergency. Click on the boxes below to create a family disaster plan, create an emergency kit, and learn information about sheltering and evacuation for you and your pets in the event of an emergency. 

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For More Information

Contact Emergency Services Officer Aminah Mears at (909) 356-2526 or by email.