The Internet wants you for a Career in Cybersecurity

A career in Cybersecurity is about protecting the internet, a critical resource we all depend on. If you haven’t thought about a Cybersecurity career, here are some things to consider.

The key skills for a Cybersecurity career may be skills you already have or want

Young adults most want to learn and/or use these skills in future jobs:

  • Problem solving (58%)
  • Communication (55%)
  •  Management (51%)
  • Data analysis (45%)
  • Software programming (33%)

In Cybersecurity, there is no one job description, and not all positions require extensive technical skills. Learn more about job titles and skills in Cybersecurity careers with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

A Cybersecurity role may fit your career wish list

Millennial's said it was very or extremely important to:

  • Know they would be good at their career field (68%)
  • Have a high salary (68%)
  • Feel a personal connection to the goals of their employer (62%)
  • Have challenging work (55%)

If these apply to you, consider a career in Cybersecurity. 

Working in Cybersecurity is not limited to any one field or place

Millennial's say that, if they chose a cyber career, they’d want to protect the following industries:

  • Social media, software or other technology (55%)
  • Banks or other financial institutions (50%)
  • Health care (45%)
  • Government (41%)
  • Military (32%)
  • Energy (32%)
  • Other (10%)

The good news is that there are Cybersecurity jobs everywhere and in every sector.

Learn More

  • CyberCorps Scholarship for Service - A program providing scholarships and stipends to undergraduate and graduate students studying Cybersecurity at participating institutions.
  • CyberPatriot - the national youth cyber education program.
  • GenCyber - summer Cybersecurity camp experiences for K-12 students and teachers.
  • National CyberWatch Center - a consortium of higher education institutions, public and private businesses and government agencies focused on collaborative efforts to advance Cybersecurity education and strengthen the workforce.
  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) - information on  Cybersecurity training, formal education and workforce development.
  • NICE - an initiative to energize and promote a robust network and an ecosystem of Cybersecurity education, training and workforce development.

Stay Safe Online