Risk Management

Division Responsibilities

It is the purpose of the Risk Management Division to foresee and control, to the extent possible, any liability to the City through the various means.  

  • Ensuring employee safety.
  • Provide prompt & fair delivery of Workers' Compensation benefits.
  • Provide risk assessment & cost effective risk transfer when appropriate.
  • Management of litigation.
  • Provide fair and fiscally responsible analysis of third-party claims.

Filing a Claim
In the event a liability occurs, the aggrieved individual may file a claim.

claim form must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Department.

Claims must be received within six months of the date the incident occurred.

Be sure your claim is against the City of Fontana, not another public entity.

Where space is insufficient, please use additional paper and identify information by paragraph number.

 Completed claim forms must be mailed or hand-delivered to:

                City of Fontana

                Attn: City Clerk’s Office

                8353 Sierra Ave.

                Fontana, CA 92335