Nature Programs

At the Mary Vagle Nature Center we provide schools, scout troops, and educational groups access to education in a variety of environmental specialty programs. These programs meet the standards for educators, public and private alike, in many areas of nature science and native inhabitant history. All of our programs incorporate a "hands-on" approach to learning through use of the Next Generation Science Standards. Depending on the program that is scheduled, each student will have the chance to walk away with a completed activity.

Here at the center, you also have access to rent out one of our rooms for private events and birthday parties. You may choose two program activities from the list below. Birthdays and private events are available during the weekend.

For additional program information, or to schedule your school field trip at the Nature Center, please give us a call at (909) 349-6994.

The fee for all field trips at the Nature Center is $6 per student.
The fee for birthday parties is $160 for 3 hours.

  1. Educational Programs
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  3. Scout Programs

Educational Programs

For historical or educational school field trips our programs include:

  • Organisms and Ecosystems
    • "From the Ground Up" K-4th grade
      • DCI: K/1/3/4-LS1, K/3/4-ESS3, 2/3-LS2, 2/3-LS4
    • "On the Edge: Wildland Interface" 2nd-6th grade
      • DCI: 3/4/5/MS-LS1, 2/32/5/MS-LS2, 2/3/MS-LS4, 3/4/5/MS-ESS3
  • The Green Garden
    • "Born to Burn" high school
      • DCI: HS-LS1, HS-LS2, HS-LS4, HS-ESS3
    • "Our Urban Forest" 3rd-6th grade
      • DCI: 3/4/5/MS-LS1, 2/3/5/MS-LS2, 2/3/MS-LS4, 3/4/5/MS-ESS3
  • Urban Waterscapes
    • "Pond Ecology" 4th-high school
      • DCI: MS/HS-LS1, MS/HS-LS2, MS/HA-LS4, MS/HS-ESS3
  • Earth Inquiry
    • "Rockworks" 2nd-4th grade
      • DCI: 3/4-LS1, 2/3/4-ESS2, 3-PS2
    • "Earthworks" 5th-high school
      • DCI: 5/MS/HS-LS1, 5/MS/HS-ESS2, 5/MS/HS-PS2
  • Early Gold Rush History
    • "The Rush for Gold" 3rd-5th grade
      • DCI: 2/3/5-LS2, MS-ESS2, 3/4/5-ESS3, 3/4/5-ETS1
  • Local Native American History
    • "The First Californians" 3rd-6th grade
      • DCI: 2/3/5-LS2, 3/4/5-ESS3, 3/4/5-ETS1


Tree Cookies
Rock Boards
Birthday party set ups
Birthday food set ups
Animal Demonstration

An animal demonstration is included with every program and birthday party.

Animal Demonstration
School Fieldtrip
Boys in the Scout Program