Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Project Description

The purpose of the City of Fontana Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) is to improve quality of life and reduce speeds of motorist driving through residential neighborhoods.  The program is designed to provide consistent, citywide policies to neighborhood traffic management and to ensure equitable and effective solutions to a variety of traffic concerns expressed by local residents. The program intent is to treat similar traffic problems equally, while recognizing the differences in individual resident levels of concern and traffic tolerances. 

The program is designed to provide guidelines and methods of evaluation to systematically address neighborhood traffic problems.  The program will be implemented through neighborhood engagement. The neighborhood engagement process will allow residents to request traffic calming studies and address various types of traffic conditions. Most importantly, the program includes substantial community input in the design of traffic calming solutions and relies on residents to bring traffic calming needs to the attention of City staff. This approach helps ensure that traffic calming solutions are crafted to address unique neighborhood interests and to be consistent with neighborhood character.  

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