City Manager Bio

About Ken Hunt

City Manager Ken Hunt joined the City of Fontana in January 1990. Since being hired, Mr. Hunt has worked in the capacity of City Auditor, Budget Officer, Purchasing Officer, Finance Director, Human Resources Director and City Manager (1999).

Prior to his employment in Fontana, Mr. Hunt worked for more than a decade with the Los Angeles County Auditor Controller's Officer and in the banking and aerospace industries. Mr. Hunt holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Since the mid-1990s, the City of Fontana has been one of the fastest growing cities in the County. During Mr. Hunt’s employment at the City of Fontana, he has been credited with working with the Mayor and City Council to engineer a financial turnaround.
City Manager Kenneth R. Hunt
During the recession of the 1990s, the City of Fontana literally moved from the brink of bankruptcy to having a vibrant and growing financial base. In recognition of the policies and programs established by the City Council, the City has received critical acclaim and awards at the state, federal and international levels. In 2016, The Fiscal Times listed Fontana as the second most fiscally sound city in the nation.


  • Creation of an aggressive economic development strategy for community revitalization
  • Achieved Recognition of Excellence in financial reports for more than 20 consecutive years
  • Creation of a citywide Capital Investment Program
  • Development of Economic Zones in both North and South Fontana
  • Construction of a new regional library - The largest library in San Bernardino County, serving more than 1 million visitors annually
  • Expansion of several community-oriented policing programs that have led to dramatic decreases in crime, leading to being named as a top 20 safest community in America
  • Creation of the Fontana Fire District and establishment of a citywide paramedic program
  • Construction of multiple passive parks, two water parks, a dog park, two covered roller hockey rinks and two skate parks
  • Construction of three new community Centers, including the highly acclaimed Senior Center located in Downtown Fontana
  • Successfully funded and provided oversight for five interchange construction projects
  • Creation of citywide cultural arts and historical programs, including an outdoor amphitheater and the city-run Center Stage Theater
On a personal note, Ken has been married to his wife Lourdes for more than 37 years. He and his wife have four sons who are now college graduates, a couple with post-graduate degrees. Ken has four grandchildren, some of whom are blessed to live in the City of Fontana.

Mr. Hunt loves the challenge of being City Manager and is blessed to work with a talented team of individuals who turn those challenges into opportunities each and every day. His advice to his staff is that when faced with a difficult decision, you must always do the right thing.