Employee Spotlight

The City of Fontana takes pride in employing over 1,200 exceptional individuals. Our employees truly make the City of Fontana a diverse and unique place to work. What better way to showcase their passions, talents and stories than with an Employee Spotlight? All awardees were nominated by co-workers. Get to know City employees below. 
Felix Bobo

November 2019

Volunteer, mentor and church group leader can be used to describe this City of Fontana Community Services Coordinator. For the past seven years, City of Fontana employee Felix Bobo has devoted himself to Fontana by serving as a coordinator for the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, youth group leader, and overseeing 14 after school program sites, all while maintaining a warm and welcoming personality.

Rita Coventry

October 2019

Payroll is this City of Fontana employee’s passion. Payroll Coordinator Rita Coventry devotes herself in and out of work to educating her coworkers and community members on their paychecks, along with making sure everyone understands their taxes at the end of the year. 

Dave Teater

September 2019

From traffic signals and roadway signage to major road projects and grant applications, Associate Engineer Dave Teater has played an immense role in how Fontana moves...literally! He takes pride in working to improve infrastructure throughout the City. 

Bianca Morales

August 2019

From the Fontana Days Run to the Festival of Winter, the City of Fontana's special citywide events bring thousands of residents together for a time of family fun. These events are successful due to the talented and passionate team behind the scenes, and leading that team is Bianca Morales. 

Stacy Gonzalez

July 2019

It is your lucky day if you are assisted by City of Fontana Development Services Permit Aide Stacy Gonzalez at the front counter. Her warm nature and can-do attitude is a breath of fresh air for anyone in her presence. Stacy believes every problem has a solution and is eager to help Fontana residents and business owners navigate the Building and Safety Division. 

Shannon Burndred

June 2019

As a science and technology aficionado, Shannon Burndred has felt right at home working for the City of Fontana Information Technology Department for the past 12 years. In that time, she has been a part of applying the technological advances to help employees serve the public more efficiently. 

Olga Hernandez

May 2019

If you have ever taken a tour of the Fontana Police Department, had the opportunity to attend the Citizen Academy or participated in the Heroes and Helpers Program, Community Policing Technician Olga Hernandez is the friendly face behind many of the police department's community outreach efforts. 

Jeanette and Janette

Soul sisters Jeanette Hernandez and Janette Castellon Solares are the dynamic duo of the City of Fontana Community Services Department focusing on cultural arts. Even while sharing the same name, both bring their unique passion and dedication to enriching the lives of Fontana's children through a variety of cultural arts programs.

Larry Burks

March 2019

For the past 15 years, this City of Fontana employee has devoted himself to all things maintenance at City facilities through the Public Works Department. From painting to audio/visual installations to plumbing, Maintenance Services Worker II Larry Burks is always ready and eager to respond to all maintenance-needs big or small. 

Jamie Simmons

February 2019

Over 12,000 calls were made to the City of Fontana Animal Services Team in 2018 alone. If you made one of those calls, there's a good chance Animal Services Supervisor Jamie Simmons responded. From runaway tortoises to the three little piggies who lost their way, Jamie has handled every single type of call imaginable in her 24-year animal welfare career. 

Orlando Hernandez

January 2019

Planning Manager Orlando Hernandez started his career with the City of Fontana as an intern while he was attending college and was hired on as an Assistant Planner upon graduation. More than two decades and several promotions later, this Fontana native still enjoys giving back to his community by helping to guide growth and development in the City.   

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