Assembly Bills

AB 939

This is an assembly bill that requires cities and counties to recycle 50% of their waste tonnage by the year 2000. The city has met this goal since 2000, however we need help from all residents to continue to meet this goal. This program utilizes source reduction, recycling, and composting, environmentally safe transformation and land disposal of solid wastes. AB 939 requires that each county and city prepare an SRRE which shows how they will meet solid waste diversion. Help make that goal by recycling correctly. For additional details view the recycling section.

AB 341

Effective July 1, 2012, AB 341 was approved by the State of California. The bill includes requirements that businesses generating more than four cubic yards of solid waste per week and multifamily residential properties that consist of five or more units are required to arrange for recycling service. For additional details view commercial recycling.
AB 1826
Food Waste Recycling Program