Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

Residential - Small Solar System

In response to the State's mandate to promote and encourage the installation of solar energy systems, the Building and Safety Division has provided the following items to assist in expediting our plan check and permitting process.

Please use one of the following Photovoltaic (PV) packets based on the type of system you will be installing:

Upon receipt of a completed application, PV packet, and fees, your plan check will be reviewed to determine if your project is in compliance with the related code requirements. The following forms are excerpts of the above referenced packages for your use:

Additional information may be obtained by clicking on the following link: California Solar Permitting Guide Book

Commercial/Industrial System

All commercial and industrial systems are required to be submitted for plan review. Plans will be forwarded to the following divisions:

  • Building and Safety
  • Planning
  • Fire