Business License Information

Tax Certification Process

The Fontana Municipal Code requires all businesses operating (not necessarily located) within the City to be properly licensed as well as in accordance with the standards for Planning (zoning), Building and Safety, and Public Health.

Prior to the issuance of a Business License / Tax Certificate, inspections by the Building Division may be required in addition to approvals by the Planning Division. Additional approvals may be required by other Departments depending on the type of business being conducted. Department approvals apply to all businesses physically located in Fontana City Limits.


The following fees / taxes must be paid at the time the application is submitted:

  • Initial Application Fee $35 ($15 renewal fee annually thereafter)
  • Annual Business Tax (based on estimated annual gross receipts, with some exceptions)

The above fees apply to the majority of business types located in Fontana. However, there are certain types of businesses (i.e., used car dealers, restaurants, liquor stores) that require supplementary permits and the submission of additional documents, information and/or applications. These businesses may be subject to additional fees. Customer Services will furnish the appropriate information relating to any special permits, licenses, and/or fees that may be required.

Additional Information
Additionally, there may be certain types of business activities for which the Business Tax is determined based on a measure other than gross receipts, such as a warehouse that has no measure of any gross receipts or an administrative office.