General Plan Update 2015 - 2035

General Plan Update 2015-2035 Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR):

The City of Fontana is hereby notifying you that the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the General Plan Update has been completed.

DEIR Documents:
DEIR Documents - follow this link to view documents

General Plan Update Draft Chapters:
Acknowledgments and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1 - Vision and Principles (PDF)
Chapter 2 - Trends for Fontana's Future (PDF)
Chapter 3 - Engaging the Fontana Community (PDF)
Chapter 4 - Community and Neighborhoods (PDF)
Chapter 5 - Housing (PDF)
Chapter 6 - Building a Healthier Fontana (PDF)
Chapter 7 - Conservation, Open Space, Parks and Trails (PDF)
Chapter 8 - Public and Community Services (PDF)
Chapter 9 - Community Mobility Circulation (PDF)
Chapter 10 - Infrastructure and Green Systems (PDF)
Chapter 11 - Noise and Safety (PDF)
Chapter 12 - Sustainability and Resilience (PDF)
Chapter 13 - Economy, Education, and Workforce Development (PDF)
Chapter 14 - Downtown Area Plan (PDF)
Chapter 15 - Land Use, Zoning, and Urban Development (PDF)
Existing Land Use Map - Exhibit 15.2; Page 15.9 (PDF)
Existing Zoning Map - Exhibit 15.3; Page 15.11 (PDF)
Future Land Use - Exhibit 15.8; Page 15.23(PDF)
Chapter 16 - Stewardship and Implementation (PDF)
Appendix One - Background Report (PDF)
Appendix Two - Mobility, Best Practices, White Paper (PDF)
Appendix Three - State Approved Housing Element 2014-2021 (PDF)
Appendix Four - Statistically Significant Random Sample Public Opinion Survey Report (PDF)
Appendix Five - Environmental Impact Report (PDF)
Appendix Six - Environmental Justice (PDF) * New Appendix

For questions regarding the General Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), please contact Senior Planner Dawn Rowe at (909) 350-6694 or via email.

Para informacion en español (909) 350-6728.

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