Westgate Specific Plan

Project Description:

The Westgate Specific Plan encompasses 964 acres in the northwestern part of the City of Fontana within a gently sloping alluvial plain of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains in western San Bernardino County. Regionally, this project site is approximately five miles north and west of downtown Fontana, ten miles west of Downtown San Bernardino, 22 miles north of the City of Riverside, and 50 miles east of the City of Los Angeles.  The project site is situated adjacent to Interstate 15 (I-15) and State Route 210 (SR-210).  Full freeway interchanges that provide access to the site are located at I-15/Baseline, I-15/Summit Avenue with direct access at the SR-210/Cherry Avenue interchange.  A utility corridor including Southern California Edison (SCE), Southern California Gas (SCG) and Metropolitan Water District (MWD) facilities traverses the property, paralleling the I-15 freeway.

Project Background:

The Westgate Specific Plan was adopted in 1996 by the City of Fontana.  Since that time, the Inland Empire region has experienced substantial growth and the dynamics of the area have changed considerably.  The SR-210/I-15 freeway overpass has been completed, with the SR-210 freeway extending easterly to the Interstate 215 (I-215) freeway.  Two major development projects have also been completed within the Specific Plan boundary, including the Falcon Ridge Town Center, with 415,000 square feet of retail uses that include shops, services, and restaurants, and the Caltrans 124,000-square-foot Transportation Management Facility and Southern Regional Lab.

The proposed Specific Plan would result in the following changes to the allowable development within the Specific Plan boundaries: an increase of up to 4,072 residential dwelling units; a decrease of 6.4 acres of commercial uses; an increase of approximately 52 acres of parks/open space; an increase of 74 acres of public school uses; and an increase of approximately 8.5 acres of road right-of-way.  The proposed Specific Plan would also slightly modify the overall Plan boundaries resulting in a net increase of five acres.  This is due to the addition of three parcels comprising a triangular area at the northernmost end of the project area (Planning Areas 1, 2, and 3 in the proposed Specific Plan), the addition of one semi-circular parcel west of and adjacent to Cherry Avenue at the I-15/SR-210 interchange (Planning Area 23 in the proposed Specific Plan), and the removal of a 9.6-acre triangular piece of land located immediately east of and adjacent to San Sevaine Road and immediately northwest of and adjacent to the existing utility corridor (Planning Area 8 in the adopted Westgate Specific Plan).

Proposed Project Components:

The Westgate Specific Plan sets forth a range of land uses that focuses on creating a village-oriented mixed-use development that implements the vision, goals, policies and objectives described in the proposed new Specific Plan.  The Plan provides a broad range of uses including residential, school, retail, office, business and open space uses.  The residential uses provide a range of single family detached, attached, stacked flats and multi-family homes to appeal to a broad cross-section of the market in a pedestrian-friendly village environment.

Land Use Plan & Summary:

The community is comprised of four villages.  These villages, including their community structure and design, are discussed following the summary presented for each village.  All of the land uses within each village are incorporated into 78 development areas, designated as “Planning Areas” (PAs).  Table 1-1, Planning Area Land Use Summary, below, provides the total acres for each land use including total dwelling units planned. Additional housing could be provided on up to 20 acres within Planning Area 24 by allowing residential density up to 39 dwelling units per acre as a permitted use, but with a target density of 37.5 dwelling units per acre, for a total of up to 750 additional residential units, which would replace the planned Mixed-Use 1 land uses on that portion of the planning area. Below is a detailed Land Use Summary that details the land uses. 

Table 1.1