About The City of Fontana

Fontana Steel Mill
Fontana Steel Mill
The City of Fontana was incorporated on June 25, 1952. The City and its Sphere of Influence (SOI) encompass an area of approximately 52.4 square miles and contain a population of approximately 210,000 people. It is located in San Bernardino County, approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Due to its geographic location, the City is identified as “…the crossroads of the Inland Empire” (Fontana Chamber of Commerce, 2008).

How Fontana Began

Fontana began as an agricultural community in 1913 and became a thriving industrial town by 1942 due to the opening of the Kaiser Steel Mill on the outskirts of town. Kaiser Steel remained a primary source of employment and revenue until 1984 when it ceased operation.

Since then, the City has continued to grow rapidly due to several factors, including: 
  • Development of Kaiser Permanente Hospital (one of the largest medical facilities in the region)
  • Unparalleled population growth stimulating major residential, commercial, and industrial development

Fontana Today

Since the year 2000, Fontana has been one of the fastest growing cities in Southern California (Los Angeles Times). During these years, new ideas and concepts were realized. Fontana constructed the largest library in San Bernardino County, built state-of the art facilities, and parks that are unparalleled by any city around.  A renovated performing arts theater, a multi-regional mixed use trail, a newly renovated police station and a new fire station grace the downtown area. The City has developed a safe community, with development, facilities, and services to provide the quality of life residents expect and deserve.

In 2008, after reviewing data from the United States Census Bureau, the National Center for Education Statistics, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the American Bar Association, Best Life magazine deemed Fontana the 24th best place to raise a family in the United States.
Fontana was named one of the Nation's 100 Best Communities for Young People by America's Promise Alliance and ING in 2008 and again in 2010.

In 2014, Fontana was named in the Top 20 Safest Cities in the Nation by Business Insider and in 2017 Fontana was named the second strongest City financially by the Fiscal Times. 

Fontana continues to grow and prosper and has many new residential and commercial developments planned in the near future.  Fontana expects to approach build-out of the 45 square miles in the next fifteen years.