Sierra Warehouse II

Project Description

The project includes the construction and operation of approximately 763,350 net square feet (sq ft) “high-cube” logistics warehouse use with associated office and mezzanine spaces. The project would consist of a single building containing 746,350 sq ft of ground-floor logistics warehouse operations and supporting office spaces, and 17,000 sq ft second-floor mezzanine spaces. The two offices would be located at the northwest and southwest corners of the building and will provide administrative spaces for the principle use and, depending on the number of logistics warehouse tenants, may ultimately support up to two tenants. 36 feet of internal clear height would be provided inside the building.

To facilitate truck and passenger car traffic, the project site would have direct access to both Sierra Avenue and Mango Avenue. A total of three driveways would serve the project: two right in/right out driveways would connect to Sierra Avenue, while one driveway would connect to Mango Avenue. The project site and circulation plans have been designed to direct truck traffic to Mango Avenue, which will be constructed as part of a separate, previously approved entitlement. The project currently proposes that the Mango Avenue right-of-way along the eastern project boundary return to private control, with access to Mango Avenue southbound via a cul-de-sac in the southeast corner of the project site. The logistics warehouse building’s truck bays (approximately 104 in total) would be oriented to face north and south, away from Sierra Avenue and existing residential uses. Approximately 220 parking spaces (212 standard and 8 accessible) would be provided on the project site. In addition, the project site would also provide roughly 291 parking spaces for tractor-trailers.

Typical daily activities on the project site would include operating forklifts and other lift equipment, driving large tractor-trailers throughout the site, and backing trucks into loading docks, all of which emit warning sounds consistent with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. 

Onsite water quality and stormwater drainage would be addressed through the construction of a new storm drain system that would convey onsite flows to a detention basin located along the southern boundary of the project site. In addition to the site-specific development, the project would also include the construction of offsite improvements, including requisite water, sewer, and storm drain facilities that will serve the project, and street frontage improvements along both Sierra Avenue and Mango Avenue. 

There are six applications associated with the project: (1) General Plan Amendment No. 14-000004 to change the General Plan Land Use Designation from General Commercial (C-G) to Regional Mixed Use (R-MU); (2) General Plan Amendment No. 14-000005 to remove a portion of Mango Avenue from the City of Fontana General Plan’s Circulation Element Map for a distance of approximately 0.24 mile from Summit Avenue to the southern project boundary; (3) Zone Change No. 14-000005 to change the Zoning District from General Commercial (C-2) to Regional Mixed Use (R-MU) on an approximately 10 acre portion of the project site and to modify the WDLOD boundary to include that 10-acre portion of the project site; (4) Zone Change No. 14-000006 to add the WDLOD to that 10-acre portion of the project site; (5) Conditional Use Permit No. 14-000019 to permit construction of a warehouse and set forth conditions and parameters; and (6) Design Review No. 14-000013 to approve the site plan, site improvements, landscaping plans, and architectural elevations for the project.

Project Location

The project site is located in the northern portion of the City of Fontana (City) in western San Bernardino County (Exhibit 1). The City is bounded by the San Bernardino National Forest to the north; the City of Rialto to the east; the San Bernardino/Riverside County boundary to the south; and San Bernardino County unincorporated land, and the cities of Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario to the west. The City’s Sphere of Influence (SOI) extends north to the San Bernardino National Forest and west to the cities of Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario.

The approximately 38.3-acre project site is a rectangular-shaped property consisting of one parcel (APN 0119-241-17) located on the southeast corner of Sierra Avenue and Summit Avenue. The project site has a frontage of approximately 1,250 feet along the eastern side of Sierra Avenue and a depth of approximately 1,300 feet east of Sierra Avenue.

Approximately 29 acres of the project site is zoned Regional Mixed Use (R-MU) and located within the Warehousing Distribution/Logistics Overlay District (WDLOD). The project site also includes an approximately 10-acre portion currently zoned General Commercial (C-2) and is located outside of the WDLOD.

Environmental Document(s):

  •  Notice of Preparation and Initial Study (4.2 mb)
  •  Draft EIR
  •  Draft EIR Appendices