FELP Highlights

Quarterly Highlights

Jurupa Vista Elementary

  • Jurupa Vista’s Expanded Learning Program starting off the year on a healthy foot. Students engaged in various SPARK activities, enjoyed learning and eating navel oranges, as well as sharing with their peers what makes them each unique. An “All About Me” visual and performing arts activity was created and completed to highlight the importance of every individual student attending. Our students are thrilled to see what this school year has in store and we are all excited to have them in this year’s program.
Woman and Child with Science Experiment

Almond Elementary

  • At the moment, we are preparing for our end of the month event: Almond's Anti-Bullying Event will be taking place Wednesday, October 30, 2017. Each group were given a bullying component which are as follows: Red Group (1st and 2nd) are tackling school bullying and they will be performing live skits that shows different ways you can get bullied during school which include: classroom bullying, recess bullying, lunch/breakfast bullying and early morning bullying. Green Group (3rd and 4th) were given family bullying, and they will be informing everyone that even though you're with family, you can still be bullied. Lastly, blue group (5th and 6th) were tasked with Social Media bullying where they will go over how you can be bullied in social media, which include: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Music.Ly, Kik Messenger/Texts, and Snapchat.
  • In addition to each group doing a bullying component, each group have also made a wall of intolerance where each student wrote down a possible bullying scenario that has either happened to them before, or could happen. On the day of the event, all 3 walls will be taken down to show everyone that we do not have tolerance for that!
4 Girls Giving Piggyback Rides Posing for Picture

Fontana Middle

  • Welcome back students!!!! We started off this year with new additions to our Fontana team and also sporting our new name, FONTANA EXPANDED LEARNING PROGRAM! With a new name and revamped goals, we are raising the bar for the program and our team to bring more possibilities for our students. On our first day back, we had a Back 2 School Night. There was tacos and a DJ with the welcoming presence of our principal Mr. Chavez and all our lovely teachers. Talking to students and parents to help spread the word and vision of how the program is moving forward for the best in every way possible. 

Oak Park Elementary

  • This month has been so far an exciting experience for the Fontana Expanded Learning Program at Oak Park Elementary. With a new site lead, Mr. Edgar Jacuinde, and new staff members, we are fortunate to say the students were excited for the change with the addition of a refreshed program that is still continuing to focus on the development of the youth of the 21st century. Since this month we are focusing on Building relationships and safety, the students of Oak Park Elementary have been taking the time to catch up with each other through enriched activities. Hearing many conversations between each of the students and seeing how everyone excited to see each other after such a long break, has shown that relationships have continued and building while sharing new experiences. The staff have also discussed the safety of the program and set group expectations and agreements to follow throughout the year which will be reminded to the students on a daily basis. Students and the staff of the Fontana Expanded Learning Program are excited to see what is ahead in which will be enjoyable at Oak Park Elementary.
Man with Walky-Talky and Paper
Children in Computer Lab