FELP Highlights

April 2017 Highlights

Locust Elementary

  • Our student leader ship group planned out our spring carnival. Students had a science booth that included an egg experiment, floating eggs, don’t crack the egg and the egg drop. Another booth consisted of decorating eggs, students ran an egg toss competition and had a scavenger hunt, Leadership team also invented a golf game from scratch. Students had the opportunity to create their own bag for spring and make their spring hats. Since our theme of the month is finance our activities have consisted of teaching our students how to budget for our wants and needs. Students also had a conversation about owning their store and how it would work with friends and families. 
Egg Speriments

Fontana Middle

  • Welcome back! And yet its almost close to a see you next school year greeting. We have our Annual Scandia Field Trip which we are all excited for. All the students and staff have been prepping for our culminating event. Having a committee for our end of the year Dance, Film and Award Ceremony. We have just 3 weeks to complete everything and execute an amazing last week of program before the end of school. Our target date for everything will be the 15th and 17th of May. We will be interviewing our 8th Graders getting information about their life in school and in the program with any future goals. We will have awards for the best of 8th Grade and the lower grades a boy and girl will be chosen for a specific award.

Palmetto Elementary

  • For the month of April, the children of blue group completed lessons relating to Ecology and Earth Day. They included do it yourself composting where they learned about organic matter to help plants grow! Blue group also participated in a campus clean up. Which helped them become aware of the importance of keeping our communities clean. They also created art with the materials collected around campus. In preparation for our end of the year festivities they have been practicing their talent show dance and learning sing along songs. They are very excited to perform in front of friends and families!

Primrose Elementary

  • All throughout the month of April, students in the After School Program at Primrose learned about money. They learned how to identify different coins and bills, they learned how to count money, and they learned how auctions work. They even got the opportunity to participate in their very own auction using “Eagle Bucks”. Students donated items for the auction and were compensated with “Eagle Bucks”. Another way for students to earn “Eagle Bucks” was demonstrate good behavior, finish all of their homework for the week, and do their assigned jobs. 
  • Aside from the auction, they also worked extremely hard to make decorations and posters for their Spring Dance. Parents donated lots of snacks and fruit for the dance. Fontana Mobile Recreation came out for the second time this school year. They provided The Mobile DJ and face painting. Students had an amazing time preparing for the Spring Dance and at the Spring Dance.

Solorio Elementary

  • At Solorio this April, Healthy Fontana came and taught the students how to make tostadas! They quizzed them on all the different ingredients like beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and cilantro needed for the salsa! They discussed which ones go where on the MyPlate balanced meal. The students enjoyed answering all the questions and they were so eager to try it out altogether. Most of the students enjoyed it and staff was even delighted to see one of the students licking their plate clean! We all enjoy when Healthy Fontana comes to our site, always a tasty treat!!