Serve Hope - Not Minors

The Serve Hope - Not Minors campaign is being sponsored by the Fontana Police Department in partnership with the Fontana Community Coalition and Reach Out. 

Serve Hope - Not Minors is a campaign which promotes serving healthy options to minors as opposed to serving alcohol.  Healthy Opportunities and Positive Environments (HOPE) can be inspiring.  The campaign message can be tailored to accommodate many different venues such as high schools, convenience stores, restaurants, and community forums.  Campaign messages and public service announcements will change periodically so check back to see what's new.

Working together as a community, we can eliminate underage drinking, and provide the youth of Fontana with positive options for success!

Current campaign - Prom Season
Don't Pick Up Your Prom Date on a Bike

With Prom season right around the corner, the current Serve Hope campaign is promoting alcohol-free Prom. Many people are aware that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess or consume an alcoholic beverage. However, what most people are not aware of is the "Use-Lose" law. California Vehicle Code section 13202.5(a) is referred to as the "Use-Lose" law, and states a person aged 13-20, who is convicted of any alcoholic or drug-related crime will have his or her driving privileges suspended for one year. If the person is not yet licensed to drive, there is a one year delay in receiving a driver's license.

Don't pick up your prom date on a bike. Serve Hope - not MinorsPrintable flier

Participate in the Serve Hope - Not Minors Campaign
If you are a business owner in the City of Fontana, who provides alcoholic beverages to your customers, support the Serve Hope - Not Minors campaign by posting campaign fliers at your business.  The Fontana Police Department will furnish your business with Serve Hope - Not Minors fliers free of charge.

Please email or call Wendy Ratcliffe at 909-356-7159.

Get Involved ~ Join the Fontana Community Coalition
The Fontana Community Coalition (FCC) is a grass-roots coalition which strives to inspire vibrant and dedicated partnerships and community development for Fontana youth and residents for a healthier and drug-free environment.  We recognize and celebrate Fontana's cultural diversity and are dedicated to collaborative solutions to changing community needs.

The Fontana Community Coalition is comprised of Fontana residents, Fontana youth, Reach Out, Fontana Police Department, Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, MADD, Friday Night Live, Healthy Fontana, Fontana Community Assistance Program, health care providers, faith-based organizations, and many more.  The FCC meets bi-monthly, in the DSO-DAB room of the Fontana City Hall. 

For more information about FCC, please email or call Julie Duarte at Reach Out 909-982-8641.