Wal-Mart South

Project Scope

The proposed project consists of the construction of an approximately 213,000 square foot shopping center on approximately 22.04 acres, located on the southeast corner of Slover Avenue and Sierra Avenue, south of the Interstate 10 Freeway. The project site is bounded by Sierra Avenue to the west, Slover Avenue to the north, Production Avenue to the east, and Technology Avenue to the south. Access to the project would be provided by converting the existing right-in/right-out driveway along a new signalized full access driveway off of Sierra Avenue; one full access driveway off of Technology Avenue and two right-in/right-out driveways off of Production Avenue. The southern driveway off of Production Avenue would be the primary truck access.

The site would be subdivided into three parcels. The largest parcel (approximately 18.03 acres) would be the location of an approximately 194,000 square foot Walmart and associated parking stalls, bioretention basins and drainage areas. The proposed uses and configuration of Outparcels 1 and 2 are as follows:

Proposed Use
Acreage ±
Square Footage
50% Retail/50% Food
50% Retail/50% Food

The Wal-Mart would be approximately 1940 square feet in size, with all appurtenant structures and facilities, and will offer groceries and general retail merchandise, including alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption. The Wal-Mart would also include a 3-bay tire and lube facility, which will provide routine servicing and maintenance of vehicles, including tire service and oil changes. The Wal-Mart may have outdoor seasonal sales in the parking lot, and may conduct sidewalk sales along the front of the store (but not in the public rights-of-way). Finally, the the Wal-Mart would include a pharmacy with a drive-through lane and an outdoor garden center.

The Wal-Mart may also include a medical clinic; a vision and hearing care center; food service; a photo studio and photo finishing center; a banking center and other similar accessory uses. The Wal-Mart would include truck doors and loading facilities. The Wal-Mart proposes to operate 24 hours a day.

Required Entitlements:

Tentative Parcel Map
Design Review
Conditional Use Permit (required for the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption and vehicle service and repair).

Notice of Preparation/Scoping Meeting:
Citrus High School
10760 Cypress Avenue, Fontana, CA 92335
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 6 p.m.

Wal-Mart South NOC (PDF)
Wal-Mart South Project NOP (PDF)
Wal-Mart South Scoping Meeting Notice (PDF)