R-4 and R-5 Zoning Districts

Stephanie Hall
Senior Planner

8353 Sierra Avenue
Fontana, CA  92335

Ph: (909) 350-6656

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Project Description
In an effort to transition the City of Fontana from a community that utilizes passenger vehicles as the primary mode of transportation to one that is more walkable and sustainable, new Multi Family Medium to High Density Residential (R-4) and Multi Family High Density Residential (R-5) zoning districts are being proposed adjacent to mass transit. The R-4 district will allow for densities of 25-39 dwelling units per acre, while the R-5 district will allow for densities of 40-50 dwelling units per acre. High densities surrounding mass transit will serve as a tool in transitioning the City into a more walkable and sustainable community that fully integrates multiple uses in a cohesive manner (e.g. Mixed-Use and Transit Oriented Developments). Such unity will encourage pedestrian connectivity, thereby reducing vehicular trips, using land efficiently, and creating more active and lively urban environments.