Daily Components

The outline below is a overview of the activities that take place everyday at each of our after school program sites. Specific activities vary by site.


 Leadership Development

Junior Staff
It's time to sign in and let the fun begin. Fontana After School Program team members will greet students and announce scheduled activities and programs for the day ahead. Minute to Win It games are played to kick start the program.
Junior Staff emphasizes perseverance, decision making, confident communication, project planning skills, mentorship, and teamwork. It engages young people through positive relationships, cultural exposure, and educational programming by providing opportunities to develop leadership skills.
Opening Games Junior Staff
Sign-Out: Parents/Authorized persons show valid identification each time they pick up students. Reflection and Debrief: Students express their confirmations, tweaks and “aha” moments of the day. Students choose how they will apply the day’s lessons to their lives at home and at school.    An organized group of students serving as a committee. This group plans, markets, and presents special events by brain storming, researching, and implementing the activities.
 Site Closing
Lights On After School 
Active and Engaged Learning
Cultural Arts
Students are able to expand their experiences while exploring what literature and VAPA (visual and performing arts) can provide.  Students participate in STEM activities that consist of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 
 Cultural Arts STEM 
Community Service & Service Learning Project-Based & Problem-Based Learning
Students are able to learn about various philanthropic opportunities. Students are able to identify ways they can make a difference in their community. Some examples are: Veterans Day writing contest, No Kid Hungry, Make-A-Wish, and Relay for Life.   Through a dynamic classroom approach, students explore real world challenges to investigate complex questions of the 21st century. Students identify solutions that focus on meeting the needs of their community as well as improving their problem solving, collaboration skills, and overall attitude towards learning.  
Skill Building
 Homework Assistance Disguised Learning
Homework assistance is when students shine. Students are given 10 minutes at the beginning of homework time to work unassisted and put their minds to the test. This time is called "10 minutes of success". This challenge helps develop their problem solving skills.
We never let the opportunity pass that is not a learning one. Students participate in disguised learning activities including sports, games, crafts, clubs, etc. We make learning fun.
 Homework  Soccer Tournament 
The Fontana After School Program staff has an innovated approach to integrate 21st century technology to the learning environment with mathematical support, computer, and software skills. Our aim is to teach students early about the new and revolutionary technology that is surrounding the students today. FASP wants to prepare our students for the rapidly growing field and ensure they are knowledgeable to be successful in their future.
 Mobile DJ Component
Healthy Living
Physical Education Supper
    Physical Education is a time during the day for the children to enjoy physical activities with other students that they might not get a chance to enjoy on a daily basis. The Fontana After School Program utilizes SPARK as the P.E. component. In addition to SPARK, there are clubs, field days, and intramural.
    Supper is essential for a student's growing body and mind. During supper, students can socialize while getting the proper nutrition for students who have extra curricular activities after the program. This helps them keep going throughout the day. Students get the choice of: Vegetables, Fruits, and Proteins. 
 SPARKS Supper 
 The Distinguished After School Health (DASH) Recognition Program was created to recognize those after school programs in the before, after, or summer school provider community who are meeting exemplary health education, nutrition, and activity standards. The California Department of Education (CDE) has recognized the Fontana After School Program as a DASH program for 2016. 
 Healthy Behavior Component