Telephone Emergency Notification System

What is the Telephone Emergency Notification System
The Telephone Emergency Notification System has the ability to send mass telephone notifications to Fontana residents in the event of an emergency.  Emergency notifications are delivered to your home phone number, which we already have on file, but can also be delivered via cell phone, text message, and email if the information is provided.

The City of Fontana uses CodeRED to send mass notifications by phone, email and text to keep residents informed. In the event of an evacuation, utility outage, water main break, fire or flood, chemical spill, or other emergency situation, the city may activate CodeRED to send emergency notifications to registered subscribers. 

The address you wish to receive notifications for must be in the city limits of Fontana. All information obtained is strictly confidential and will be used for emergency notifications only.

How to Register for Telephone Emergency Notifications
To register for CodeRED Telephone Emergency Notifications, submit our online application. If you do not have a home phone but utilize a cell phone, enter your cell phone number in the primary phone number field. By entering your cell phone we will be able to notify you directly should there be an emergency in your neighborhood or surrounding area. If your cell phone is not entered and there is no phone number tied to the physical address of your home, we will be unable to reach you in the event of an emergency.

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