Traffic Unit


Motor Officers
The Traffic Unit's goals are to protect the safety of the motoring public, ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the City, and encourage the safe operation of vehicles within the City. The Traffic Unit accomplishes these goals through proactive enforcement, by responding to and investigating traffic collisions, and by developing solutions to various problem traffic areas within the City.

Special Programs

A variety of special programs have been implemented and are routinely conducted throughout the City.  These programs further enhance the Traffic Unit's effectiveness.

The programs include:
  • Courthouse stings targeting unlicensed drivers
  • DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols
  • Enhanced seat belt enforcement
  • Crosswalk and school bus operations


The Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) consists of a team of experts with a background in mathematics and physics related to vehicle dynamics. Personnel assigned to this team investigate all fatal and near-fatal traffic collisions occurring within the City of Fontana.

Additionally, the Traffic Unit plans and coordinates many major events in the City throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Traffic Unit at (909) 350-7770 or email.
  1. Abandoned Vehicles
  2.  Impounded Vehicles
  3. Disabled Placard Citations
  4. Parking Citations
  5. Citations & Corrections
  6. Resources

72 Hour Regulation

An abandoned vehicle is defined by the California Vehicle Code Section 22651(k) and Fontana Municipal Code 17-144(c) as any vehicle left parked or standing upon a highway for 72 or more consecutive hours. California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22651(k) allows for citation and impound of any such abandoned vehicle(s). 

Abandoned vehicles reported will generally be marked and left tagged for the required 72 hours prior to receiving a citation or removal.

How to Spot an Abandoned Vehicle

The following are some signs of an abandoned vehicle:

  • Cobwebs extending to the roadway
  • Dirt and debris gathered under the vehicle
  • Obvious vandalism 

How to Report a Vehicle

When reporting a vehicle, please provide the following:

  • Exact location of vehicle (address or nearest cross streets)
  • License plate number (if available)
  • Vehicle description (make, model, color)

You can report an abandoned vehicle by:

  • Fill out and submit our Online Form
  • Call the Abandoned Vehicle hotline (909) 350-7761 and provide the information listed above.