K-9 Unit


The K-9 Unit supports other departmental units such as patrol, and narcotics. The primary function of the K-9 Unit is the use of the canine olfactory ability to locate people and/or contraband.


There are currently six K-9 / handler teams trained in handler protection as well as searching for suspects, narcotics, explosives, firearms, or any combination thereof.
K9 Samson 


The Fontana Police K-9 Unit is supported by a nonprofit, volunteer organization called the Fontana Police K-9 Pals. The K-9 Pals donate funding to purchase dogs and equipment and also to pay for training and some medical expenses. Because of the K-9 Pals, the City of Fontana has not used any public funds to purchase a Police Service Dog in the past 20 years, so they are considered an integral part of the Fontana Police K-9 Program. For more information on the K9 Pals, visit their website at Fontanak9pals.


In addition to this field work, the Fontana Police Canine Unit generally performs in excess of 25 demonstrations per year for various businesses, community groups, and schools. Demonstrations are a valuable tool in educating the community in regards to the demeanor, training, dependability, and benefit that these dogs provide.

Pediatric Visits

The unit also visits the pediatric ward at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana. These visits benefit many sick children and show the true nature and value of these animals. The dogs are versatile tools for many aspects of community service and protection.

Additional Information

For information regarding the Canine Unit, the K-9 Pals, or to inquire about a demonstration:
  • Contact Lieutenant Carlo Granillo by email or call him at (909) 356-7142