Piazza Senior Apartments

Project Name

Piazza Senior Apartments

General Fontana Area
Central Fontana


Project Description


The Piazza Senior Apartments are located on 1.83 acres to the east side of Juniper Avenue, approximately 400 feet south of Marigold Avenue. The apartments are a welcomed addition to the existing Dino Papavero Senior Center and include 60 senior housing units affordable to very-low income senior citizens (with incomes at or below 50% of median income).

Project Benefits

This project is a continuation of the Housing Authority's effort to minimize the need for senior housing throughout the City. With a large senior demographic, the Authority continually seeks to cater to its mature residents.

Project Location

South of the intersection of Juniper Avenue and Marygold Avenue, adjacent to the Dino Papavero Senior Center.

Project Status

Construction Complete

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Leasing Information

Leasing information can be obtained by calling (909) 429-9014.

If you have any questions about this project, please email the Housing Authority at (909) 350-6657.